Oeser straße 111

A series of fotographs showing „wired“ manholecover in and around Oeser Straße in Frankfurt, Germany. After the Snowden release of global surveillance operations by secret services, the Bundestag implemented a parliamentary commission of inquiry (the “NSA- Untersuchungsausschuss”), to invastigate the extent of secret services spying in Germany. It became public that the BND gave surveillance material of german citizen illegally to the NSA - inside a facility of the Deutsche Telekom located in Oeser Straße 111, The raw data stems from a „doubled“ fiber optic cable. In tapping public sewercovers with all kinds of abstruse objects, the series takes the surveillance practices ad absurdum.

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Oeser Straße 111 No.1 (2016)

From the series of fotographs „Oeser Straße 111“

Edition of 9 original fotographs, signed and numbered

each 50x40cm